Forthcoming market surveys and calls for tenders

Advance information on forthcoming market surveys and calls for tenders expected to exceed 200,000 Swiss francs.

In the line entitled Cost Range, a very rough indication of the cost range of the product is given in the form of letters A, B, C, D.
A represents items estimated at less than 750 kCHF, B represents items between 750 kCHF and 5 MCHF, C represents items between 5 MCHF and 10 MCHF and D represents items above 10 MCHF.

Firms may reply to the Market Survey published in the table below up to two weeks before the corresponding Invitation to Tender is sent out. Therefore, in case the deadline for replies indicated in the Market Survey cover letter is over, please send your reply to the Market Survey at the earliest possible date.

The countries of origin of supplies and services shall be CERN Member States, except if provided otherwise in the table below.

References marked with "New" have been posted during the last 8 weeks.

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Type of Contract: Market Survey dispatched:
Reference: Call for Tenders scheduled for dispatch:
Activity Code: Description and/or Specific Condition:
Requirement: Commercial contact:
Cost Range: Publication Date: From  To  dd-mm-yyyy
Publication Date Type of Contract Reference Requirement
(Activity Code)
Description/Specific Condition Cost Range Market Survey scheduled for dispatch Contacts and Interest in being contacted / Market Survey Documents Invitation to Tender scheduled to dispatch
23-08-2021 Supply MS-4713/TE/HL/LHC Supply of 11.5 km of REBCO high temperature superconducting (HTS) tape for CERN's HL-LHC Project. (02250502)
CERN intends to place contracts for the supply of a ...
Interested firms shall have already manufactured REBCO tape meeting the Ic ...
A Fourth quarter 2021 To express an interest please send an e-mail to
Technically: S. Hopkins
Commercially: I. Lobmaier
Fourth quarter 2021
11-08-2021 Supply MS-4703/TE/HL/LHC Tin-silver electroplating of 1000 km of Nb-Ti superconducting wire supplied by CERN for the corrector magnets for the High Luminosity LHC upgrade. (05040410)
Trials, pre-series and series production of tin-silver coatings on superconducting Nb-Ti ...
The Firm, or the members of the Group of Firms collectively, shall ...
A Market Survey documents Fourth quarter 2021
14-06-2021 Supply MS-4666/EN/HL/LHC Supply and installation of eight mobile doors to be fitted with shielding in the HL underground caverns of the LHC accelerator (01020416)
CERN intends to place a contract for the supply and installation ...
Interested firms shall have a proven experience and competence in the ...
A Market Survey documents Fourth quarter 2021
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